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Stepping Stone Rentals Introduces Medium-Term Rentals, Easing Rental Concerns for Foreigners in Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain – [04/09/2023]

Valencia Property, the leading international real estate service provider in Valencia and its surrounding areas, has unveiled a groundbreaking solution to address the rental challenges faced by foreigners in Spain. With the introduction of medium-term rentals, the new project Stepping Stone Rentals aims to alleviate concerns about non-payment and worries about not having secure and safe accommodation on arrival in Valencia and provide a secure and hassle-free renting experience for foreigners.

Renting a property as a foreigner in Spain has long been associated with difficulties, primarily due to the perceived risk of non-payment. Traditional insurance options have often been unavailable or limited for foreign tenants, making it challenging to secure long-term rental agreements. Stepping Stone Rentals recognized this need for change and developed a unique approach to rental services.

Medium-term rentals offer rental agreements for a duration of 3 to 6 months, providing a perfect balance between the flexibility of short-term leases and the stability of longer-term commitments. By bridging this gap, Stepping Stone Rentals opens up a world of opportunities for foreigners seeking secure accommodations in Valencia.

Stepping Stone Rentals acts as an intermediary, working closely with both tenants and landlords to ensure a seamless renting experience. They meticulously select and manage a portfolio of properties that meet the highest standards, carefully vetting both tenants and landlords and implementing secure payment systems to mitigate the fear of non-payment. Tenants can enjoy fully furnished, comfortable properties, creating a home away from home during their initial arrival in Spain.

Foreign tenants benefit from the security and peace of mind offered by medium-term rentals. Stepping Stone Rentals streamlines the rental process, removing the complexities associated with long-term leases and the uncertainties that go with them. With reliable accommodations readily available, foreigners can focus on embracing their time in Valencia without the added stress of housing concerns.

Landlords also stand to gain significant advantages by partnering with Stepping Stone Rentals. The service not only reduces the risk of non-payment but also ensures consistent occupancy rates by catering to a market of foreign tenants seeking medium-term accommodation. Stepping Stone Rentals takes care of property management tasks, such as maintenance and tenant vetting, allowing landlords to enjoy hassle-free rental income while preserving the value of their properties.

“We are thrilled to introduce medium-term rentals to Valencia and its surrounding areas,” said Graham Hunt , CEO at Stepping Stone Rentals and Valencia Property. “Our goal is to empower foreigners to overcome the challenges of renting in Valencia and eventually the rest of Spain and provide a reliable and secure solution. With our carefully curated portfolio of properties and exceptional service, we aim to redefine the rental experience for both tenants and landlords.”

Stepping Stone Rentals invites foreigners seeking accommodation in Valencia to explore the benefits of their medium-term rental service. To learn more about their offerings and to find the perfect rental property, visit their website at .

About Stepping Stone Rentals

Stepping Stone Rentals aims to become the leading rental service provider in Valencia and its surrounding areas for international clients. They specialize in medium-term rentals, offering secure and hassle-free accommodation options for foreigners. By carefully selecting properties and implementing reliable rental processes, Stepping Stone Rentals aims to redefine the rental experience in Spain just like their parent company Valencia Property has done in the purchase market.


Media Contact: Graham Hunt, CEO, 0034 657994311,  

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