Find Your First Stepping Stone Rental

We know you have been looking online on Spanish property portals such as idealista or fotocasa. We also know you have been putting your questions in Facebook groups and more searching for a property to rent in Valencia. It’s not easy to find your first stepping stone rental. We know. Been there. Done that. Too often. That’s why we set up the company.

The truth is that renting here is especially complicated for people from abroad. This is because foreign tenants cannot be insured against non payment by owners who are worried about renting out. They don’t want a non-payer or at worst a squatter. We specifically designed Stepping Stone Rentals as a solution for those of you coming in from abroad. You have somewhere to arrive which is safe, secure and ready to move into where you can be for three months (or even more) and calmly look for your longer term rental or a property to purchase. 

Stepping Stone Rentals fill the gap and solve the problem. We make your first step into the Spanish property market so much easier. You don’t have to shell out 12 months rent in advance or risk the property you are looking at not really existing. Have we told you about the scams here you need to avoid? If you haven’t take a look at our article on Valencia Property about Scams and how to avoid them.

In Partnership with Valencia Property

With Valencia Property as your trusted partner, Stepping Stone Rentals allow you to move forward with confidence into your new town, city and region without the worries of where you will be living next week and how much you might have to pay for it. A single payment with all utilities included gets you three months in an excellent property with everything to hand. They come fully equipped with support from the best agency in the region. What more could you ask for?

Check out the website and find your own property and if you can’t see one immediately then send us your requirements. We will have a continuous throughput of new available properties for you to choose from and as we grow that will only get bigger. We look forward to welcoming you to Valencia and starting your journey towards your long term living solution. Get your first Stepping Stone Rental now. 

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