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New Years 2024 – Plan Ahead And Elevate Your Next Rental Experience

We welcomed the New 2024 Year with a spectacular celebration—filled with excitement, dazzling light shows, and the pulsating beats of techno music. However, it is not over yet!  The Epiphany and Día de los Reyes Magos will unfold in a magical spectacle for all ages on the evening of January 5th 2024 at 16:30 pm. …

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Navigating Spanish Rental Landscape: Understanding The New 2023 Property Rental Law And How To Not Get SUCKERED! (Prt. 1)

The allure of living in Valencia has never been more enticing with its undeniably rich culture, growing Tech-hub, and active lifestyle. However, before you go diving head first into Valencia staying on top of the latest boring legal developments is pretty important to ensure a smooth and secure rental experience once you’re here on the ground and busy falling into the entanglement of your surroundings. Finding a roof to put over your head without feeling like you’ve just had your pockets picked is most likely pretty important to you, so read on.

Digital Nomads in Valencia and Rental Options

We are finding that all sorts of people are looking to have a Stepping Stone Rental in Valencia from people looking to have a place for a few months while they modernise their home when they won’t be able to stay in their home due to dust and building to people looking to spend 90 days of their Schengen visa in one place to people just wanting to try out Valencia before making any long term commitments to the place. One of the biggest groups though is from the Digital Nomad community. Digital Nomads in Valencia are a growing group but there is a difference, a big one.

Growing Stepping Stone Rentals and Turning Down Properties

We need to grow the number of properties we have on Stepping Stone Rentals because of the demand we have from people coming into Valencia and looking for that initial rental. Currently we are searching high and low for three bedroomed apartments for clients coming into Valencia from next month and it’s difficult. However we are not going to compromise on quality in order to bring in more properties. Read on.

It’s Official. Stepping Stone Rentals is Launched

It has been nine months of preparation, six months of talking about it with owners, potential clients and my colleagues and three months of background work on the website but finally after the soft launch a couple of months ago the full launch of Stepping Stone Rentals is here. There are just a few things to do on the website, we are having issues on the back end at times but we have now set up our Facebook page, our instagram feed and soon we will have Stepping Stone Rentals integrated into Valencia Property’s homepage too.

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