Getting Your Property Ready For Rental

If you have a property that you want to rent out for medium term rentals then we should talk. With Stepping Stone Rentals whether you want to manage it yourself or you wish us to manage the rentals we may have a solution. Getting your property ready for rental is important. Contact us to talk about what is required. We may be able to help you out.

Stepping Stone Rentals will take a look at facilities, what you need to do to get it ready (if anything) and what you need to supply. We will explain our methods, our contracts and our work with you to find a solution for your rental property whether you wish to use the property or not, and for those dates you want to keep it for yourself.

At Stepping Stone Rentals we have a facilties factsheet where you can check off what your property has and what it may lack in order for it to join the SSR family of properties. Typically you will require modern white goods and facilities. You’ll also need fast internet, comfortable furniture, TV, bedding and bathing facilities. You should have a start up selection of toiletries and we will be adding welcome packs for tenants as they arrive. But all details we can discuss in person. 

Initial Cost of Getting Your Property Ready For Rental

Of course this may mean that there is an initial cost to getting your property ready. It’s more expensive when compared with a simple long term rental but this is something you would need to do before putting a property up for short term rental too and it will be worth it in terms of better reviews, more comfort for your tenants and a better long term return.

Once everything is ready then we come and take photos, floor plans and 360º tour. Then we’ll be putting it up on our site and starting to get people booking. And remember you are not obliged to accept just anyone. We talk with potential tenants and make sure that your apartment or house will suit the requirements of the tenant before they book. You will have the last word.

Contact Us

If this sounds like it is something that could interest you then make sure to contact us and we can take a look at your property. The support of Stepping Stone Rentals and the supply of our clients from Valencia Property might mean you can help out in solving issues because of the current Rental Crisis in Valencia. (of which you can read more at the link of course)

You might also want to look at our previous post about Launching Stepping Stone Rentals, you can see it at the link.

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