Growing Stepping Stone Rentals and Turning Down Properties

We need to grow the number of properties we have on Stepping Stone Rentals because of the demand we have from people coming into Valencia and looking for that initial rental. Currently we are searching high and low for three bedroomed apartments for clients coming into Valencia from next month and… it’s difficult. However we are not going to compromise on quality in order to bring in more properties. Read on.

Last week we were offered a property that in theory suited and ticked all the boxes, location, facilities, availability and more. However on making a visit we told the owner that there were a lot of things required to do to make the property suitable to be a Stepping Stone Rental. The furniture was sparse and pretty threadbare, the white goods were old and a bit worn, the beds weren’t suitable. We pointed this out to the owner and they said that they weren’t willing to do anything to remedy the place as they had been living there and it was fine.

OK, no worries.

Well, maybe one or two worries. If there are a couple of things that kill a rental business very quickly it’s having to deal with issues that come up at an apartment on a consistent basis and bad reviews!!

There is no doubt that had we chosen this property for a Stepping Stone Rental then we would be called in to sort out issues regularly and that in the end there would have been a bad review which, when you are starting up, are not good for the image of a business.

Sites like Airbnb, Booking and more can get away with bad reviews, and regularly do, because when you have so many properties there will be issues with some. We want to keep the quality of the properties up and make sure that owners feel secure with who they are renting out to but equally that our tenants are assured of having a functional, practical property that doesn’t cause problems for them while they are here.

However, we do need more properties so we are putting out an appeal to owners of properties who want more reliable tenants without the inconvenience of a long term rental or the necessity to have a licence for short term rentals to contact us and offer us your property. You can find a form to send us more details on our homepage here.

We will send someone round to evaluate your property and give you an idea of what you are able to do with it. We will be honest with you about whether we think it can work for our project and give you feedback about how your property can be rented out successfully. As we move forward with Stepping Stone Rentals we are gathering more data about requests from people and what they are looking for so if your property fits that demographic you can be sure we will be interested. However, be warned that we may ask you to make a few changes.

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