Navigating Spanish Rental Landscape: Understanding The New 2023 Property Rental Law And How To Not Get SUCKERED! (Prt. 1)

The allure of living in Valencia has never been more enticing with its undeniably rich culture, growing Tech-hub, and active lifestyle. However, before you go diving head first into Valencia staying on top of the latest boring legal developments is pretty important to ensure a smooth and secure rental experience once you’re here on the ground and busy falling into the entanglement of your surroundings. Finding a roof to put over your head without feeling like you’ve just had your pockets picked is most likely pretty important to you, so read on.

Earlier this year Spain introduced a new property rental law, ushering in a wave of changes aimed at bolstering tenant rights and providing increased stability in the rental market… If only it was that simple. One of the biggest questions that has been short-circuiting the social media flow these days and astoundingly many professionals of the sector haven’t been able to give a clear answer is to whether it is legal for Real Estate Agents to charge tenants commissions.

There are two key pillars to this confusion that one needs to differentiate between: 1. Long-term rental vs. 2. Short or Mid-Term/Seasonal

A.) Non-Payment for Tenant, Payment from Lessor: All rental agreements that are considered long term, i.e., 12 months minimum, automatically renewable, and NOT seasonal aka “de temporada” shouldn’t have agents charging a commission to the Tenants. However, there is important administration and costly paperwork that must be done correctly that a Real Estate Agent will charge for, and some would say rightly, others wouldn’t.

See: Law 12/2023 of 24 May on the right to housing

B.) Payment from both parties: The Tenant pays the Real Estate intermediation fees when the rental agreements are considered mid-term or seasonal.

This includes:

–       Vacation Rentals (up to 31 days in duration) and

–       Seasonal Rentals (with a duration between 32 days and 11 months).

All realtors are within their right to charge tenants their commissions. 

Demand for a roof in Valencia is growing pretty quickly and with it numerous rental scams are also popping up like mushrooms in a dark damp forest. There have been too many stories tipping the scales in favour of landlords who make tricky rental agreements that cater 120% in their favor and do not return deposits at the end of the stay or fake profiles and fake rentals all together. Many people looking to rent a home do not understand that the process involves quite a lot of behind the scenes legal work to ensure a safe and secure rental agreement for both parties. By going through an agency, you’re protecting yourself from getting taken advantage of by the scammers.

The advantage of renting a verified home through Stepping Stone Rentals is how secure it is for both the Landlord and the Tenant. As rental managers of each and every property, we hold on to the deposit and are on call if any thing goes wrong.

Our rentals are “Seasonal” of a minimum 2 – 3 months with the flexibility to renew monthly up to 6 – 9 months. The whole stay is paid upfront, and the homes are fully equipped. Ready to move in and start living the much sought after Valencian lifestyle.

As you step forward in your journey to rent an apartment in Spain, arm yourself with knowledge about the new property rental laws. Stepping Stone Rentals is here to guide you through all those processes, ensuring that your experience is not only compliant with the latest regulations but also enjoyable and stress-free

Contact us today and let us connect you to the perfect home!

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