Why Choose a Stepping Stone Rental

Why should you choose a Stepping Stone Rental. Stepping Stone Rentals were designed to solve a problem that clients of Valencia Property and foreigners coming into Valencia invariably have all the time, the lack of a rental that they could book from abroad. People were being asked for 12 months rental upfront if they were even offered a place. Many times they were finding it impossible to book anywhere even with 12 months cash upfront. The majority of places and owners just will not accept foreign tenants. We have talked before about why. Foreigners cannot be insured against non payment and that is a big worry for owners. How do we solve that? Upfront payment for shorter time periods.

Solving Problems for Tenants and Owners

From the point of view of a tenant we also solve a problem. Where do tenants start their life in Valencia? Once here you will find it considerably easier to find a long term rental or a purchase. Also competing the process of getting a contract done for rental is easier when you are here. If you are looking to buy, completing your purchase within three months of your initial rental with Stepping Stone Rentals is possible.

Equally if you still haven’t decided on a long term rental or purchase then you can extend your current rental. You could even move into another of our stable of properties after your initial three months are over. We take the stress out of your initial move to Valencia. This gives you more time to enjoy the city and life here.

Along with our support through our sister company the long established Valencia Property, you can be sure that taking a Stepping Stone Rental is the best first step you can make towards establishing yourself long term in Valencia. However, some people ask why should you choose a Stepping Stone Rental? Why not an Airbnb or something from Booking dot com for example?

Reasons To Choose A Stepping Stone Rental

Firstly we think our prices are very competitive. We don’t have those little hidden extras like the Airbnb booking fees or their exhorbitant cleaning fees. Your payment covers everything. A three months rental, the costs of utilities, internet and insurance (You may need insurance for your own stuff. We can help you find that at an extremely attractive price) The cleaning after you leave is also included (Within reason as we do have a 500 Euro deposit ;-)).

Secondly, it’s a more personal service. We manage the properties and look after them and answer your questions and needs while here. Our years of experience in the property market in Spain make sure that you are secure in your rental and have everything you need. You can even order extras such as airport or train station pick up, cleaning service on a weekly basis, orientation trips around the city and outside and eventually whatever we can think up that is in demand by you, our clients.

Thirdly, you avoid the scams, the scammers and the shark infested pool that is taking a risk of sending money to an unknown third party before coming over. You then arrive only to find that you have been conned. This is a growing problem that we have written about before on the Valencia Property Blog. You should read it. It opened a lot of people’s eyes to what was happening especially in the rental market.

Contact Us

So, if you are looking for a secure and safe arrival in Valencia. If you are looking for a partner with a long established excellent reputation with years of experience in the Property Market at an extremely competitive price then look through our selection of curated Stepping Stone Rentals on our homepage and contact us to book. We look forward to seeing you.

Why Choose a Stepping Stone Rental

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