Stepping Stone Rentals


For Tenants and Owners

As a tenant, you pay one price, the rental for your chosen property for three months, a 500 Euro deposit and a 300 Euro fee to SSR.

All bills are included and you pay upfront before arrival. There are no extra commissions or fees and no other payments to Stepping Stone Rentals.

We manage properties for the owners and they pay us from your rental price for looking after the property and you, the tenant.

As an owner, you pay us a percentage of the value of the contract to manage the tenancy and the property.

We provide you with income statements annually so you can pay your Spanish tax based on your real rental income from the property.

Once the money from the tenant is received we transfer you the reserve and you can plan accordingly and once the tenant is in the property we immediately transfer the remaining funds to you. You will have access to the calendar for your property and be able to block book your property when not being used if you wish to use it yourself up to a year in advance.