Stepping Stone Rentals


When do you want to move forward?

You can start your property rental at any time.

Typically the rental period will be for three months but many owners allow 4, 5 or 6 month rentals if required.

You can discuss your needs with us when booking and this process is personal, it's not an anonymous booking system online.

When you send a request to reserve we will get back to you and discuss your stay before asking for any payment, when you have chosen your Stepping Stone Property, thus eliminating the fear of sending money online to an anonymous and often supposed owner. Payment is made upfront before the rental and therefore we think that it is more suitable for people to start with a three month rental and either renew or move onto a second Stepping Stone Rental if required so as to experience other parts of the city and its surroundings rather than paying for six months upfront.

Remember that many owners in Valencia and Spain demand 12 months payment upfront from foreign tenants as they cannot be insured against non payment. We provide a secure payment system both for the tenant and the owner with a deposit held by Stepping Stone Rentals to avoid the problem that people fear of the landlord not paying back deposit money on ending the contract.

Send us your dates by filling in the form at the SSR Contact Page or by sending us a mail here